Southeast Janitorial, LLC
(678) 429-3660
Atlanta, GA 30324

Janitorial Services

Southeast Janitorial, LLC provides comprehensive daily or nightly cleaning to your locations specific needs.

  Our daily cleaning routines include:

  • Dusting and polish all horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Clean and disinfect all doors, telephone handsets, entry glass, and walls around trash receptacles
  • Empty and scrub all trash receptacles and reline with fresh liners
  • Vacuum all carpets and hard surface flooring, to include corners and edges
  • Clean and polish elevators and tracks, spot clean carpeting or polish cab hard flooring
  • Fully clean and disinfect all restroom surfaces
  • Replenish all restroom hand soap, paper, and plastic products
  • Scrub, polish and maintain all hard surface flooring
  • Spot clean carpets and fabric walls
  • Dust all table and chair bases
  • Dust all window treatments
  • Clean areas around dumpsters and loading docks